Dream About Pregnancy And Adoption

Dream about pregnancy and adoption The message for the sun, brightness, and happiness is a dream about pregnancy and adoption. You’re the kind of person that cares. Your emotions have erupted surprisingly or violently. Your dream foreshadows a shift in your perspective and way of thinking. Stop trying to please others and start focusing on … Read more

Dream About Adopt A Child

Dream About Adopt A Child Adopt A Child is a dream about expanding your consciousness and deepening your personality development. You’re on the verge of destroying yourself. You are content with yourself. Your dream is a call to action. You are punishing others. Adopting a child may give you a lot of power and influence … Read more

Dream About Being Adopted

Dream About Being Adopted Family reunions and family values are mentioned in the dream of being adopted. You’re allowing your concerns and uncertainties to stop you from moving forward and attaining your objectives. You’re either lying or being a hypocrite about something. More basic attitudes and love are hinted about in your dream. You are … Read more