Dream about Baby Abducted

Dream about Baby Abducted Dreaming about a kidnapped baby represents hard work and dedication. In your ideas, you are adaptable and considerate. You get the impression that you cannot rely on anybody and will be left alone. Your desire to fit in is hinted at in the dream. You’re standing on shaky footing. When a … Read more

Dream about Finding Abandoned Child

Dream about Finding Abandoned Child Finding an abandoned child in a dream represents a significant event, appointment, or occasion in your life. You could be going through a phase of introspection and reflection. With the assistance of a buddy, all of your present concerns will be resolved. The dream conveys a spiritual and artistic message. … Read more

Dream about Finding An Abandoned Baby Girl

Dream about Finding An Abandoned Baby Girl Finding An Abandoned Baby Girl is a dream about something you’re working through in your life. It’s time to put your imagination to work. There’s something you’re still keeping hidden from the rest of the world. Your dream foreshadows your admiration and esteem for your pal. You’re improving … Read more

Dream about Abandoning Baby

Dream about Abandoning Baby The dream of abandoning a baby is a message about your sacrifices for someone. You will triumph in your career and personal life with much patience and hard effort. Either you or someone else has bloated self-esteem. The dream is a sign that you are depressed. You have complete power over … Read more