Dream about Abandoned Carousel

Dream about Abandoned Carousel A dream about an abandoned carousel denotes money, success, and good fortune. Your conscience is in a state of disarray. You are in jeopardy. The dream represents the start of a new chapter in your life. You’re unwilling to recognize or accept some of your friend’s characteristics. The Abandoned Carousel is … Read more

Dream about Abandoned Cat

Dream about Abandoned Cat A dream about an abandoned cat symbolizes your potential for greatness. You are unwilling to recognize a situation’s reality. You must take a position and protect your convictions. Your dream foreshadows the price you’ll have to pay to advance in life. Your conscious and subconscious minds are at odds emotionally. Abandoned … Read more

Dream about Abandoned Kitten

Dream about Abandoned Kitten The Christmas season, festivals, and the season of giving are all represented by dreams concerning abandoned kittens. You can make a difference. You’re angry because you’ve been deceived. Sometimes the dream is a wish for a simpler existence. You’re having some emotional outbursts and are having trouble controlling your wrath. Abandoned … Read more