Dream About Silver Aura

Dream About Silver Aura Imagining Silver Your aura reflects your capacity to advance confidently in life. You are being attempted to return to reality by someone. Moving in the right direction is good. Sometimes the place where heaven, earth, and fire converge is your dream. Even if you don’t like the experience, it’s best for … Read more

Dream About White Aura

Dream About White Aura Dreaming a white aura reveals your secret, passionate feelings and spiritual purification. You never had the chance to say goodbye properly to a loved one who passed away before their time. It’s time to let go of the past and appreciate its future. Your dream is a sign of your untapped … Read more

Dream About Aura

Dream About Aura Aura represents an impending deadline for a task or a choice that needs to be made by you. You are being sought for by someone or something. You are portraying yourself falsely. Your mother should take comfort from the dream. You must begin approaching issues from a different perspective. Your aura conveys … Read more

Dream About Blue Aura

Dream About Blue Aura Imagining Blue Aura serves as a signpost for spiritual reflection. You are exposing parts of yourself that are concealed. Perhaps you feel isolated or different from everyone else. Your feminine and masculine sides are coming together, according to this dream. People in your immediate vicinity now approve of you. A blue … Read more

Dream About A Yellow Aura

Dream About A Yellow Aura Dreaming about a yellow aura denotes a time of transition in your life as you advance to a new phase. You’re going the wrong way. You are acting hastily. This dream portends that your efforts will bear fruit. Your emotions ought to be simple for you to manage. A yellow … Read more

Dream About Green Aura

Dream About Green Aura Dreaming about Green Aura suggests bringing out your inner kid and your capacity to develop. You’re unable to express yourself fully because of a past event. You’ll discover happiness when you least expect it. This dream predicts your ideal self and your ideas of perfection. You are attempting to do more … Read more