Dream About Someone Getting An Abortion

Dream About Someone Getting An Abortion Consider Someone in Your Dreams Getting an abortion is a sign of tremendous harmony and increased awareness in a situation. You are open to spiritual instruction and assistance. You recognize the feminine or masculine aspects of yourself. Longevity and healing are themes in your dream. You’ve received some unexpected … Read more

Dream About Seeing Abortion

Dream About Seeing Abortion A dream involving seeing an abortion foreshadows a significant shift in your life. You’ll have a lot of great possibilities ahead of you. A significant figure in your life might mirror a facet of your personality. Your dream foreshadows the arrival of a divine force. You’re either repressing or rejecting your … Read more

Dream About Friend Having Abortion

Dream About Friend Having Abortion Imagining a Friend Having an abortion indicates that you are open to new ideas and notions. You have your rhythm and beat when it comes to life. It would help if you used your imagination more. This dream foreshadows a sense of pride, celebration, continuity, or completion. It would be … Read more