Dream About Abusive Dad

Dream About Abusive Dad Imagine yourself in an abusive situation. Dad is a summary hint. Life. You get engrossed in your hobby. The dream alludes to your great goals. Our life objectives have shifted. Abusive A situation or a relationship comes to an end when Dad says so. Right now, there’s something you need to … Read more

Dream About Someone Abusing Me

Dream About Someone Abusing Me Someone Abusing Me in a Dream denotes someone or something important in your life. You’re relying on your instincts. Your persistence, determination, and hard work will be rewarded handsomely. This dream represents intellect and creativity. You have a passionate side to you. The alternatives and options are accessible to you … Read more

Dream About Being Abused By Father

Dream About Being Abused By Father Your father is abusing you in your dream, which is a sign of a feeling that you need to address and deal with. You are allowing your fears to dictate your behavior. It would help if you liberated yourself from the weight and duties you accumulated during your life. … Read more