Dream About Acid In Face

Dream About Acid In Face Dreaming about acid in your face is a warning sign that you have a dark and wicked side. You’re going against the grain of society. You’ve decided to let go of your ex. This dream means that you are confident in achieving your objectives. Perhaps you’re dating someone who reminds … Read more

Dream About Acid Rain

Dream About Acid Rain Acid Rain in a dream represents money, success, and enjoyable travels. You must work on yourself and expand your mental horizons. You must push yourself to address certain feelings. This dream represents the beginning of something new. You’re in control of your rage. Acid Rain is a song about self-discovery. There … Read more

Dream About Acid Burn

Dream About Acid Burn Longevity, durability, strength, endurance, and immortality are symbols of acid burn in dreams. Different sides of yourself are coming together to achieve a similar purpose. Perhaps something has gotten under your skin. Your dream represents a foreshadowing of your honesty and openness. It would help if you let things be as … Read more

Dream About Acid On Skin

Dream About Acid On Skin Acid On Skin as a dream symbolises love, protection and home harmony. Some choices or gifts come with conditions. A pun on something you should include in your life. This dream foreshadows a window of opportunity. You must relish and cherish the present time. Perhaps there’s something you need to … Read more

Dream About Someone Throwing Acid

Dream About Someone Throwing Acid Dreaming about someone throwing acid is a sign of money, power, and status. You’re having second thoughts about your objectives. You’re worried about how you’ve dealt with specific situations in your life. Life and fertility are both symbols in your dream. Finally, you’ve come to terms with something. Someone in … Read more