Dream About Seeing Actor

Dream About Seeing Actor The sensation of despair is expressed in a dream about seeing an actor. This dream refers to a specific date, place, age, lucky number, or anything personal to you. Someone is working against you and using your naivete or stupidity. You may have to select sides. You could be putting on … Read more

Dream About Famous Actress

Dream About Famous Actress Dreaming about a famous actress represents your connections with others and what you offer and get from them. You can also feel compelled to brag and impress others. You’re constructing a front or fa├žade. The dream represents a sense of pessimism. It’s time to unwind. A famous actress hints at your … Read more

Dream About Becoming Actor

Dream About Becoming Actor Dreaming of being an actor foreshadows your genuine views about marriage or commitment. You must face your demons and dark history. You’re ready to share a part of yourself with the world. Your dream alludes to fullness and totality. You have a stronger sense of spirituality than usual. Becoming an actor … Read more