Dream About Someone Abusing Me

Dream About Someone Abusing Me Someone Abusing Me in a Dream denotes someone or something important in your life. You’re relying on your instincts. Your persistence, determination, and hard work will be rewarded handsomely. This dream represents intellect and creativity. You have a passionate side to you. The alternatives and options are accessible to you … Read more

Dream About Verbal Abuse

Dream About Verbal Abuse Dreaming about verbal Abuse is a metaphor for spiritual nutrition and holiness. Some of your childhood worries have persisted into adulthood. You must maintain both of your feet on the ground. This dream represents your free-spirited, fun-loving nature. You are yearning for your inner kid. Verbal Abuse signifies that your ideas … Read more

Dream About Being Abused By Parents

Dream About Being Abused By Parents Sometimes your objectives and successes are reflected in your dreams of being abused by your parents. You need to cleanse your thoughts and let go of some of the negative feelings holding you down. You’ve been diagnosed with crazy or have been told you’re insane. This dream represents a … Read more

Dream About Emotional Abuse

Dream About Emotional Abuse Emotional Abuse in a dream is a sign of the sun and great energy. You’re in desperate need of intimacy, love, and passionate nutrition. Through your words and vocal expression, you are displaying your authority. Your dream alludes to your sensitivity and appreciation of beauty. You need to be more open … Read more