Dream About Going For An Abortion

Dream About Going For An Abortion A dream about getting an abortion is a message about maintaining your emotional equilibrium. You are refusing to deal with a problem or a situation that has arisen. You’re speaking precisely what people want to hear. Your dream suggests a shift in perspective, new beginnings, or a significant event. … Read more

Dream About Having Abortion

Dream About Having Abortion The dream of having an abortion is a symbol of prosperity, pleasure, and luxury. You’re both emotionally and physically exhausted. You have a clear understanding of a situation or an issue. Your dream foreshadows enormous power, ferocity, and force. The negativity in your environment has you feeling overwhelmed. Abortion is a … Read more

Dream About Friend Having Abortion

Dream About Friend Having Abortion Imagining a Friend Having an abortion indicates that you are open to new ideas and notions. You have your rhythm and beat when it comes to life. It would help if you used your imagination more. This dream foreshadows a sense of pride, celebration, continuity, or completion. It would be … Read more

Dream About Someone Having Abortion

Dream About Someone Having Abortion Consider Someone in Your Dreams Abortion symbolizes the coming together of your feminine and masculine halves. You can see beyond the surface and into the depths. You’re working on something that will benefit everyone. Your dream is a representation of something you treasured or loved. It would be best to … Read more

Dream About Forced Abortion

Dream About Forced Abortion Forced Abortion in a dream suggests unexpected chances that will reveal themselves. You believe you have been taken advantage of. You should take in and apply a message to your everyday life. This dream shows a foreshadowing of your contemplative side. You’re stuck in the past, clutching onto memories. Forced Abortion … Read more