Dream About Abusing Someone

Dream About Abusing Someone Imagine yourself abusing Someone. Someone suggests that you have greater knowledge, intelligence, and insight. You’ll be able to put your unsolved concerns to rest. Someone is making fun of you or ridiculing you. In this dream, your spirit is linked to the earth, air, fire, and water. You may be prioritizing … Read more

Dream About Friend Being Abused

Dream About Friend Being Abused Imagining a Friend Being abused indicates that you are unhappy with your current status and surroundings. You’re feeling stressed out, overworked, or overburdened. You must pay attention to a message sent by a person. Romance, imagination, and romantic love are all metaphors in this dream. There is something you can … Read more

Dream About Someone Abusing a Child

Dream About Someone Abusing a Child Imagine Someone abusing you in your dreams. A child is a symbol for various gods and goddesses. You are open to new knowledge and information and may readily absorb it. You must relax and take things easy. Your dream foreshadows the womb and birth. You’re going about it in … Read more

Dream About Someone Getting Abused

Dream About Someone Getting Abused Dreaming about someone being abused represents feelings of love, lust, and intense passion. You’ve developed a stronger bond with someone. You’ve effectively departed or exited a difficult circumstance or relationship. Changes, metamorphosis, and healing are all symbols in this dream. Someone will assist you in moving ahead. Someone in your … Read more