Dream About Drug Addict

Dream About Drug Addict Dreaming about a drug addict alludes to current life and your interpersonal relationships. After a lot of hard effort, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You have a lot of energy, excitement, and ideas. Self-punishment and self-blame are symbols in this dream. Someone you trust can provide … Read more

Dream About Being Addicted To Drugs

Dream About Being Addicted To Drugs The dream of becoming addicted to drugs foreshadows the beginning of a new venture. You’re unhappy because you don’t feel like you belong. You’re putting together a scheme. The dream symbolises a happy event. You’re being held up as a model. Binding, cohesiveness, or connecting is a sign of … Read more

Dream About Being A Drug Addict

Dream About Being A Drug Addict Dreaming about becoming a drug addict denotes strength and endurance. You’ve decided to go with the flow. There’s something you thought you’d put behind you that’s still bothering you. The dream foreshadows the achievement of your objectives. Some of the projects you’re working on demand coordinated effort. The fact … Read more