Dream about Being Abducted By Aliens

Dream about Being Abducted By Aliens Dreaming about being kidnapped by aliens foreshadows the end of a scenario, condition, or relationship. Some powerful force is causing you to be inconvenienced in a situation. They’re dealing with their problems. The dream represents discontent with your romantic life. You’re looking for spiritual advice and support. Being in … Read more

Dream About being Abducted

Dream About being Abducted Dreaming about being kidnapped is a sign that you will have an emotional breakthrough. Even in the most difficult circumstances, you maintain your poise, elegance, and calm. You’re a people-pleasing kind. This dream might be a representation of your unconscious mind and its hidden material. You’re about to embark on a … Read more

Dream about Someone Being Abducted

Dream about Someone Being Abducted Someone is on your mind. Being kidnapped is a sign of strength and the traits or emotions that control your life. You’re feeling emotionally drained. In life, you still have a lot to learn. The dream symbolizes the concessions you make in life. You get the impression that people are … Read more