Dream About Stomach Ache

Dream About Stomach Ache Stomach Ache is a person’s name or initial in a dream. Your dream is about self-discovery and mental development. You have a message that you need to communicate to others. You must have a more balanced diet. You should have a better sense of humour. Stomach aches indicate friction and conflicts. … Read more

Dream About Tummy Ache

Dream About Tummy Ache A tummy ache in a dream signifies increased energy, vigor, wonder, insight, and youth. You’re on your way to a greater level of inner growth. You’ve developed a stronger bond with someone. The dream is a message for the things and qualities of yourself that you disclose and flaunt in public. … Read more

Dream About Abdomen

Dream About Abdomen Stability, protection, togetherness, and solidarity are all symbols of the Abdomen in dreams. You have an envious or monetary perspective when it comes to stuff. You’re going to be in a lot of agony or grief. Codependency is symbolized in this dream. You must improve your awareness of your surroundings and environment. … Read more