Dream About Wanting An Abortion

Dream About Wanting An Abortion

If you dream about wanting an abortion, it means you need to cut costs. You’re willing to take a risk. You’re under a lot of pressure. The picture in your dream is a subliminal image. You must follow your gut impulses.

An omen for optimism, nature, or creativity is wanting an abortion. Your thinking or mental process is muddled. You’re enjoying the rhythm of life. Your dream is a symbol of your dedication to a certain goal. You have complete power over all parts of your life.

Dreaming about Abortion and Want Tradition and old-fashioned principles are what you want in your dream. You need to knock down some of the barriers you’ve built up around yourself. You have a habit of boasting about little matters. This dream suggests skill, ingenuity, and quickness. You’re overly obsessed with how you seem on the outside.

In this dream, “want” denotes your reliance on a family member. You must face some buried bitterness or unspoken fury. You may not be confronted with a circumstance or coping with a problem repent of your wrongdoings. You are responsive or open to outside influences.

In a dream, an abortion represents your spiritual or infantile understanding. You’re balancing several duties in your life. Perhaps you’re struggling with self-doubt or the feeling that you’re not good enough. The dream is a representation of your need to feel safe. You’re exposing facets of your subconscious mind.

Dreaming about an abortion foreshadows unavoidable changes. You’re excluding someone who was formerly close to you. You’re being too indulgent. You should treasure the time you spend with your pals. Occasionally, this dream represents a project that is about to take off.

Dreaming about “Want” and “Abortion” is a sign of your limited vision and seeming lack of possibilities. You are not paying close enough attention to what someone is attempting to communicate with you. You’re attempting to protect yourself from harm, whether it’s mental or physical. Your nasty temper, unpleasant outbursts, and buried rage are all warned against in this dream. You’re attempting to make something unpleasant seem more welcoming or happy.

The desire for an abortion in a dream represents feminine feelings and dominance. There is a greater authority to whom you must submit. You’ve reached an agreement or reached a compromise in a circumstance. This dream represents a foreshadowing of the many roles you play in your life.

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