Dream About Tripping On Acid

Dream About Tripping On Acid

Tripping on Acid in a dream foreshadows the character and personality you are projecting to people in your life. Your spirits have been lifted, and your body has been rejuvenated. You may be taking on a new position. This dream is a metaphor for a method of drawing your attention to that problem. You may learn something from your pals or others.

Tripping On Acid is a sign that you’re having emotional problems in a relationship. You disagree with a family member. You must take command of your life. It would be best if you had a better sense of humour. This dream foreshadows enlightenment and comprehension.

Trip and Acid are on my mind. A trip foreshadows your capacity to protect yourself in a crisis in your dream. You’ve set your eyes on a particular objective. You must take the more incredible initiative to complete these tasks. Guilt and poor self-esteem are present in your dream. You must be in a setting that allows you to express yourself freely.

The trip in this dream represents your fears about dying. A force may be pushing you towards self-destruction. You have suppressed hostility or wrath directed at yourself or others. Your plan alluded to apprehension about learning the truth about a person or circumstance. You need to understand more about the current scenario.

The presence of Acid in a dream brings attention to a political problem. You are putting yourself in danger. There’s something you don’t want to know about. This dream represents how you desire your parents to be. It would be best if you broadened your horizons in your thoughts.

An acid dream symbolises your buried sentiments. Time is running out, and you will not be able to complete all of your goals. It would be best to remain up to date on some facts or news. The dream alludes to your need for safety. Your subconscious is gradually being disclosed to you.

Dreaming about “Trip” and “Acid” is a red flag for an out-of-date method of achieving things. Your voice is being drowned out. You could feel doubtful about your capacity to manage additional duties or initiatives. In a relationship, your dream suggests concerns of power/control and emotions of dependence/independence. You may have to let down your guard.

Dreaming about being high on Acid is a sign of your determination, motivation, and creative energy. You have a sense of being imprisoned. It’s past time for you to make some adjustments in your life. This dream represents the nature of the feelings you’re feeling. You’ve reached a state of spiritual and psychological liberty.

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