Dream About Pregnancy Abortion

Dream About Pregnancy Abortion

Pregnancy is a dream that you have. Abortion is a sign of a hardworking attitude. You’re in the midst of a significant change. You have a long-suffering admirer. The dream alludes to your interconnectedness with all living things. The possibilities that are available to you have revitalized and motivated you.

Abortion during pregnancy is a metaphor for the image you present to others. You’re looking for recognition for the effort you’ve made. You are emotionally bankrupt. This dream represents your subconscious thoughts and ideas running through your head. You wish for more freedom to express yourself and to explore your feelings.

Dreaming about Abortion and Pregnancy In your dream, pregnancy represents self-orientation and direction toward the core. You’re a grounded or down-to-earth person. You’re terrified of getting too close to someone or anything. Your dream might represent your need to be reassured and soothed. You must be more prepared for any unforeseen obstacles that may arise.

In this dream, pregnancy is advising you to take it easy. You need to be kinder to yourself. You must be consistent in your words and behavior. The dream represents your unspoken and unrecognized emotional wants and aspirations. You’re moving in circles and nowhere in particular.

In a dream, an abortion represents your ability to lead. Your subconscious warns you to avoid making the same errors you did with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. It’s time to organize your life. The dream foreshadows your desire to resolve a problem or relationship. You should take a deep breath and relax.

There’s trouble on the road for you. The dream of an abortion signifies that you have lost or overlooked a talent. This dream emphasizes the cessation of a habit or activity. You have a sense of inadequacy or insecurity about something in your life. Perhaps you need to merge pieces of another person’s personality into your own.

Dreaming about “Pregnancy” and “Abortion” means that you are driven and determined. You’ve let your guard down. Someone or something is consuming a significant portion of your time, energy, or personality. The dream is a metaphor for a childish attitude toward the other gender. Something doesn’t sit right with you.

Your evolving attitudes and feelings are shown in your dream about abortion throughout pregnancy. You’re having a good time and have a bright future ahead of you. You’re making amazing strides on your spiritual path and seem to be having a lot of fun doing it. Occult powers are represented in your dream. You’re presenting yourself in the greatest possible light.

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