Dream About Being On Acid

Dream About Being On Acid

Dreaming about being on Acid is a sign that your conscious and subconscious minds and your emotional and cognitive minds conflict. You’re stepping towards a higher degree of spirituality or awareness. Someone owes you money in some manner. Your dream represents your ability to let go of the past and welcome change. You’re giving something away.

Being On Acid is a message for your desire and willpower to attain your objectives. Your creative imagination and your convictions are at odds. You must tackle your precious memories and problems. This dream is a sign that you have a strong relationship with someone. You’re engaged in a romantic relationship.

Be and Acid are two things that come to me when I think about Be and Acid. Being in your dream indicates that you need to work on improving your communication skills or how to explain yourself more clearly. When developing and sculpting a relationship, patience and care are required. You’ve gone off the deep end in some element of your life. The dream reflects hurt sentiments and concerns that have been suppressed. You’re building a solid foundation for yourself and your family.

Being in this dream indicates that you must act swiftly, or someone else will. Perhaps you’d want to take on the characteristics of others. You must learn to adapt to different conditions. Your dream is an indication of futility and despair. You must begin to see things from a different perspective.

The Acid in a dream represents a problem or issue to be resolved. You’re under some kind of compulsion. You must join or integrate certain traits into your personality. Your dream represents your propensity to act on impulse rather than planning ahead of time. You’re attempting to keep a relationship together.

If you have an acid dream, you need greater control in your life. Your judgement has been tainted. You’re dismissing the aspirations of your inner child. This dream foreshadows unbalance, conflict, stress, and problems in a personal or professional scenario. In your activities, you must be more cautious and systematic.

Both “Be” and “Acid” in a dream represent anything missing or lacking in your life. In a scenario, you feel confined or suppressed. If you have any family members, you must solve and work out difficulties with them. Your dream represents the loss of one’s soul. Some relationship has you feeling stifled and smothered.

A dream about getting high on Acid is a sign of a hidden thought. You’re putting on a brave front and pretending that everything in your life is OK. You need to take a new approach to things. This dream foreshadows heavenly love and spiritual wisdom. Whatever difficulties stand in your way, you can overcome them.

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