Dream About Avalanche

Dream About Avalanche

Dreaming about an avalanche can reflect your icy temperament and feelings. You have a strong sense of self and stand by your choices. You must let go of some resentment. Your dream suggests that you may be experiencing some emotional stress. Your personality is at odds with some elements.

Avalanche signifies your concern over money and your efforts to manipulate the statistics. Your future must be in your hands. You must think about anything from another person’s viewpoint. Your dream suggests that you won’t consider another point of view. You are becoming enmeshed in your shame.

A dream concerning an avalanche—the mass movement of snow, ice, and mud—down a mountain—is a warning sign of overindulgence. You must savor life and set aside some time for pleasure. An identity problem is affecting you. Your dream represents the parts of your emotional/feminine nature that you reject. You are placed on the defense all the time.

A dream concerning an avalanche, or the unexpected appearance of an excessive amount of items, portends anxiety and shame. Dealing with some situations could make you hesitant. You must develop the ability to adapt to your life’s many settings and situations. Sometimes you have total control over your emotions in this dream. You are protecting yourself from something for the time being.

A dream involving an avalanche, when several people come together and roll down a mountain of snow, is a warning about your biased viewpoints. You believe that other people don’t believe you can care for yourself. An issue or problem needs to be addressed since it is eroding your feeling of balance and harmony. Your instincts and reactions to life, food, and other things are expressed in this dream. In a partnership, you are not scared to assert your power.

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