Dream About An Addict

Dream About An Addict

Dreaming about an addict represents emotions of shame, regret, or remorse for something you’ve done. Some long-buried emotions are surfacing from your mind or history. You hoped you could spend a bit longer with them. The dream foreshadows your knowledge and intuition about a specific issue. You should pay greater attention to your body’s demands.

An addict is about unbalanced, conflict, stress, and difficulty in a personal or professional position. You are either denying something or rejecting someone. You’re creating the foundation for something significant. The anticipated joys, taxing tasks, and mounting anxiety linked with the Christmas season are all present in your dream. You’re all worked up or nervous about something.

Dreaming about an addict someone who is so devoted to something that it resembles an addiction indicates that you have negative feelings about a situation or person. You must put an end to a relationship or a problem. You’re experiencing numbness. This dream is about your social connections and your ability (or lack thereof) to reach out to others. You’re preoccupied with something.

Dreaming about an addict someone who is physically reliant on a drug; abrupt withdrawal symptoms occur when the substance is removed foreshadows wild and unpredictable conduct. You’re squandering time by idling. It’s possible that you’re being taken to the cleaners. This dream suggests a passionate appeal for assistance. You’ll need to organize a large group of people.

Addict to cause someone or oneself to become dependant on anything, particularly a narcotic substance in a dream is a sign of suppressed sentiments of vengeance that you are unable to act on in real life. You don’t have all of the information you need to make an informed choice. In such situations, you must be more forgiving. Your animal instincts are expressed in your dream. You’re in touch with your conscious or instinctual self.

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