Dream About Afternoon

Dream About Afternoon

The afternoon in a dream represents your worries regarding your relationship. You must set aside time to unwind. In the end, everything will work out. This dream represents your want to block out a person in your life who has been using you. A current life circumstance is like a previous one.

The afternoon denotes your negative attitude toward life. Someone has come to you for help. Your inflexible thoughts and hard behaviours. Your indecisiveness is shown in this dream. You’re battling your selfish desires.

Dreaming about the Afternoon [the time between noon and nightfall] indicates that you reject components of your feminine/emotional nature. You must no longer rely on others. You will endure, even if you get caught up in it at some time in your life. This dream is a metaphor for an unknown person. Perhaps you should reconsider your objectives.

Good Afternoon [a traditional greeting or goodbye] in a dream indicates your deepest concerns. All of the emotional upheaval and instability have distorted your judgement. You’re looking for a way to reclaim your sense of self. A bitter comment or circumstance is foreshadowed in the dream. You should reconsider your animosity toward an adversary.

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