Dream About Afterlife

Dream About Afterlife

Dreaming about the afterlife means you have unsolved issues that need to be discussed with a friend or family member. You must commit and follow through on it. You’re annoyed, anxious, and powerless. The dream represents someone smooth or slippery. You are in control of your emotions and are tackling any repressed sentiments and inhibitions.

The afterlife is a foreshadowing of your mental and emotional state. You should be more extroverted. You’re being overly nosy to the point where it’s bothering others. The dream alludes to an unhealthy way of life or diet. You’re coping with a difficult circumstance.

Dreaming about the hereafter (life after death) indicates a mistake or weakness in your logic. You are ignoring or denying your wants or emotions. You’re looking for some comfort. This dream is a sign of inexperience and immaturity. Despite being advised not to, you are doing something.

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