Dream About Afro

Dream About Afro

Dream about Afro is a nod to the feminine and her hard, frigid barrier, which needs to be torn through from time to time. You need to let go of some emotions and integrate them into your regular life. You’re having problems verbalizing and articulating your emotions. Emotional concerns and tensions are present in your dream. Perhaps the novelty and unpredictability of a fresh finding make you warier.

Afro suggests something or someone who is a good match for you. You’re concealing yourself behind a persona. In your life, you require some direction. This dream foreshadows something dreadful. When you express yourself, you may feel intimidated or vulnerable.

Afro [a rounded, heavily curled hairdo] is a dream that is often overlooked or rejected. Maybe you’re a little too analytical. You’re going against your better judgment. Mental agility is your dream. You’re wiping the slate clean and starting over.

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