Dream About African Mask

Dream About African Mask

Dreaming about an African mask foreshadows your aggressive personality and hidden abilities. Something or someone is keeping you from really experiencing life. You could be living a life of excess, overindulging in some activities. This dream foreshadows enjoyable activities. Maybe you’re displaying your feminine side.

Desertion and abandonment are predicted by African Mask. You’ve strayed from your intended course and objectives. Those in your immediate vicinity are pursuing their own goals. This dream represents your value and what you have to offer the world. You’ve gone back to your old habits.

If you see an African in your dream, it’s a sign that you’re regretful of your actions. In some elements of your daily existence, you are excluding yourself. You usually follow the expectations of others. This dream represents vulnerability and aggressiveness. Perhaps you might take a new approach to things.

African symbolizes your inability to communicate with others in your dream. Someone else’s vision differs from your own. You must confront the problem squarely. A needy or codependent relationship is shown in your dream. Maybe you’re tired of being overlooked, disregarded, or overshadowed.

A dream about a mask represents sadness, unresolved grief, or death worries. You might sense some threat/chaos from those around you, or you might sense some coldness. You must discover a means to break out of your current circle. Your libido and emotional desire are represented in this dream. You must broaden your outlook, imagination, and thought process.

Your sense of belonging, or lack thereof, is predicted by a masked dream. You get the impression that your decisions and activities are being judged or critiqued. You must better concentrate your efforts on achieving your objective. Your dream is about your ability to remain objective in a certain situation. You’ve been taken by surprise.

Both “African” and “Mask” in a dream represent an emotional gap that you are attempting to fill. False friends will spread malicious rumors about you, damaging your reputation. Maybe you think you’ve been a little too self-important. The dream may be a warning sign of anxiety or tension in your daily life, particularly if you are overly concerned. Don’t get overly cocky or conceited.

The wholesomeness and native goodness of African masks is a dream. You’ll triumph over adversity or loss. You’re a sucker for romance. Your possessive nature is expressed in your dream. You must develop a spiritual side.

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