Dream about Africa

Dream about Africa

Your longing for privacy is symbolized by a dream about Africa. You will make an excessive amount of money from a job that you will finish, but you must be cautious with how you spend it. You should be more environmentally conscious. The dream hints at a sense of entitlement. A relationship or circumstance will eventually weather the storm.

Africa is your worst nightmare. You are denying or refusing to accept responsibility for something. You are thought to be superior to others. This dream highlights how you are performing in several areas of your life. Instead of concentrating on the past, you are looking forward.

Dreaming about Africa [the world’s second-largest continent, lying south of Europe and bounded to the west by the South Atlantic and the east by the Indian Ocean] can reveal lessons learned or still being learned. Some classified information has gotten out. Your identity is being taken away from you. Your dream implies guilt, regret, or remorse for anything you’ve done. Perhaps you’ve been injured and are avoiding expressing your feelings.

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