Dream About Accidental

Dream About Accidental

Accidental is your protective and defensive character in dreams. You must learn to relax your guard and become more open and receptive. Some of your sentiments or aspects of yourself may be suppressed. Your attitude of superiority is symbolized in your dream. You need to take some time off for yourself.

Accidental represents a disagreement with your mother or another powerful female character in your life. You’re being very analytical or logical in your approach. Your dream expresses your fears about becoming old and aging. You may be going through some emotional turbulence.

Flat, or natural even though it is not part of the key signature denotes a desire to blend in or be like someone else. You get the impression that you are being assessed somehow, and you feel compelled to defend yourself. Your issues will grow rapidly. This dream foreshadows a succession of events over which you have little control. You must tackle the problem and stop depending on outside assistance.

Accidental happening by accident, unexpectedly, or inadvertently] in a dream represents suppressed anger, disappointments, and annoyances. You could be hoping to make a profit. You’re admitting or embracing a part of yourself. This dream might represent your desire to be a part of a bigger group or cultivate a public element of your personality. You’re attempting to conform to someone else’s standards.

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