Dream About Abscess

Dream About Abscess

Abscess in your dreams represents your basic goals and requirements. You’re a master at getting straight to the point. You’ve become too reliant on people, and you’re abusing them to achieve your goals. Your dream foreshadows financial problems and anxieties, as well as financial and security concerns. It would be best if you focus your efforts on more meaningful activities.

Abscess represents your body’s current condition when you’re sleeping. You dislike causing a quarrel or causing a fight. You’d want others to notice you. The dream is a warning sign of betrayal and trust that has been lost. What you’re saying isn’t being heard.

Abscess in a dream [symptom: a localized accumulation of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue] is a warning sign of illogical thinking. You’re being stubborn about a problem. In certain aspects of your life, you’re feeling numb. Your dream is a reflection of your concern and anxiety about the task. You’re expressing a side of yourself that has previously been hidden.

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