Dream About Abduction

Dream About Abduction

Dreaming about being kidnapped is a sign that you are disillusioned. You’re one of those people that goes with the flow. It’s time to let go of old behaviours and discard outdated beliefs. The dream foreshadows becoming ordinary. To get farther toward your objectives, you must be more flexible and give in to your thinking.

Abduction symbolises your efforts to modify anything about your character. You don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. Maybe you’re not expressing yourself the way you want to. This dream warns about your emotional baggage and obligations dragging you down. You’ve had your emotional outburst and are ready to move on.

Consider Abduction is proof of your production [the illegal act of seizing and bringing away a family member by force; if a man’s wife is kidnapped, it is a crime against the family connection and the woman]. Take charge of your life and your actions. You’re attempting to self-punish. Your anticipation and fears over an unknown choice scenario are sometimes reflected in this dream. Maybe you’re worried about something.

Abduction physiology [the movement of a bodily portion away from the body’s central axis] in a dream represents a dark secret you’re keeping hidden. Even though what you’re going through now is painful or harmful, it’ll all work out. Little things that seem small are causing you pain. Your dream is a warning that you need to address specific subconscious areas. You must pay attention and pay attention to the message being conveyed.

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