Dream about Abandoning Baby

Dream about Abandoning Baby

The dream of abandoning a baby is a message about your sacrifices for someone. You will triumph in your career and personal life with much patience and hard effort. Either you or someone else has bloated self-esteem. The dream is a sign that you are depressed. You have complete power over all parts of your life.

The sun, intelligence, and physical power are all represented by Abandoning Baby. You’re trapped in a rut in your life. You must let go of the connection preventing you from moving forward. The dream is a metaphor for happy and peaceful home life. You seem to be in a state of emotional instability.

Dreaming of Abandon and Baby

In your dream, abandon represents your hidden longing to let go. Things are being pushed down your throat. You’ve gotten yourself out of a sticky position. This dream symbolizes your desire to be pampered. Some classified information has gotten out.

Abandon in this dream foreshadows your propensity to isolate yourself from people. You have the impression that the good days have passed you by and that nothing worthwhile remains in your life. You’re worried about a project or assignment you’re working on right now. This dream represents a succession of events over which you have little control. You could be looking for the familiarity and security of your own house.

A dream involving a baby means that you are religious about some action or habit. Perhaps you should merge these characteristics into your persona. To attain your objectives, you must take things one step at a time. The dream represents the subconscious and unpleasant aspects of the Self. You don’t want to be on your own.

A baby dream suggests something that needs to be beautified. You’re holding a lot of your emotions within. Your fears will keep you from attaining your objectives. Your overindulgence is the source of this dream. You’re feeling ignored in your relationship or as if your emotions aren’t being taken into account.

Both “Abandon” and “Baby” dreams indicate a breakdown in communication between your conscious and subconscious minds. You’re under a lot of stress or have a lot on your mind. In this stage of your life, you are dissatisfied and frustrated. Regrettably, this dream represents control and a lack of independence. You’re not paying attention to yourself enough.

The image of a baby being abandoned in a dream signifies passivity. Your life is taking an unexpected turn. You’ve got some energy sitting around, ready to be used. Your dream is a sign of self-sufficiency. You’ve chosen a course that will lead to your demise.

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