Dream About Admiring A Person

Dream About Admiring A Person Power and fertility are represented in the dream of admiring a person. You are more assertive and straightforward in expressing your suppressed feelings. You are unable to let go of your memories and prior experiences. This dream indicates that you are cramming stuff into your calendar. You must share and … Read more

Dream About Someone You Admire

Dream About Someone You Admire Enlightenment and understanding are represented by the dream about someone you admire. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. You have spoken some disturbing things. For you, this dream represents living life in the fast lane. Your skills and abilities are going unappreciated. Someone You Admire … Read more

Dream About Admiring Someone

Dream About Admiring Someone Admiring Someone in a dream is a metaphor for your troubles in your life. You are refusing to face and acknowledge the truth. You have a sense of constraint. Maybe you’d prefer everything to be brought to you on a silver platter. This dream is about completeness. Admiration is an unwavering … Read more

Dream About Being Admired

Dream About Being Admired Dreaming about being admired indicates that you need to broaden your horizons and test your limitations. You must be willing to take a risk on love. You’re in a good position and taking advantage of all life offers. The dream is a call to live a simpler life. You may need … Read more

Dream About Admiring

Dream About Admiring A dream is a manifestation of an idea that has arisen from your subconscious. Dreaming about being admired brings attention to your flaws and shortcomings. Maybe you’ll have to point someone on the proper path. It’s time for you to take it easy. You’ve become too reliant on others. Admiring someone acting … Read more

Dream About Having An Admire

Dream About Having An Admire The dream of having an admirer is a symbol of harmony between the feminine and masculine and between the spiritual and physical realms. You’re either repressing or rejecting your strength. You’re having a lot of mood swings. The dream foreshadows a spiritual awakening and a burst of fresh vitality. You’ve … Read more