Dream About Drug Addiction

Dream About Drug Addiction Tears, sorrow, and misery are signs of drug addiction in dreams. Even if it is inescapable, you refuse to see the reality. You might be on the verge of realizing your untapped potential. Your dream represents the acquisition of knowledge, acknowledging your abilities, and the attainment of your objectives. A black … Read more

Dream About Past Addictions

Dream About Past Addictions Peace and wealth are expressed in a dream regarding past addictions. You must express gratitude to those who have assisted you along the journey. You are unafraid of anything and have a cheerful attitude toward life. This dream is about your self-doubt about your physical talents. You must share and convey … Read more

Dream About Addiction

Dream About Addiction Dreaming about addiction is a sign of your ability to control and rein in your animalistic nature. You may need to let go of old sentiments and start again. Even though those around you believe you will fail, you are succeeding. A dream can be a form of communication with another person … Read more

Dream About Cocaine Addiction

Dream About Cocaine Addiction Cocaine Addiction in a dream represents some form of warning or danger that you have encountered. You’re in command, and you’re progressing steadily and smoothly. You’ll be able to conquer certain obstacles. Your dream is a sign that something in your life needs your attention. Your consciousness is being introduced to … Read more