Dream About Awollen Abdomen

Dream About Awollen Abdomen Swollen Abdomen in a dream is a symbol of happiness and pleasure. You’re rethinking how you’ll go ahead in life. You are concealing something from the public eye. This is a dream about feeling safe. You’re going through a period of internal turmoil. Swollen Abdomen denotes a successful venture, fresh prospects, … Read more

Dream About Being Shot in the Abdomen

Dream about being shot in the abdomen A dream about being shot in the Abdomen might be a sign of a friend’s dark side. You’re going through a significant change. You’ve become a member of the team. Your dream is a sign that you’re hesitant to take action in a problem or relationship. You must … Read more

Dream About Surgery on Abdomen

Dream About Surgery on Abdomen Dreaming about abdominal surgery foreshadows distrust and insecurity. It’s time to start collecting the advantages and prizes you’ve earned over the years. Something urgently requires your attention. Your dream represents a very intimate aspect of your life. Your continuous connection has progressed to the next level. Surgery On Abdomen represents … Read more

Dream About Getting Shot in the Abdomen

Dream About Getting Shot in the Abdomen A dream about being shot in the Abdomen is a message from your subconscious to you. It’s time to take a more active part in your life’s direction. You’re an extremely organized person. Rigidity is a theme in your dream. You must perform the task yourself if you … Read more

Dream About Abdomen

Dream About Abdomen Stability, protection, togetherness, and solidarity are all symbols of the Abdomen in dreams. You have an envious or monetary perspective when it comes to stuff. You’re going to be in a lot of agony or grief. Codependency is symbolized in this dream. You must improve your awareness of your surroundings and environment. … Read more