Dream about Abandonment

Dream about Abandonment Dreaming about abandonment can reveal both your flaws and your strengths. You must develop the ability to accept and express your spirituality. You have a sense of powerlessness and insecurity. This dream highlights your concern about a work-related issue. Envy and jealousy can cause you a great deal of pain. Abandonment is … Read more

Dream about Abandonment By Husband

Dream about Abandonment By Husband Many individuals want to be abandoned. Longevity, sustenance, and plenty are all symbols of the Husband. You are easily swayed and impressionable. You’re concealing something. Your dream represents your delicate and feminine side. Something or someone is keeping you from fully appreciating life. Abandonment By Husband hints at your emotions … Read more

Dream about Abandonment During Pregnancy

Dream about Abandonment During Pregnancy Many individuals want to be abandoned. Pregnancy brings with it new and fresh ideas and personal growth and development. You have a good grasp of the situation. You place great importance on yourself. Your dream is about unspoken emotional aspirations. You’re following the regulations to a tee. Abandonment During pregnancy, … Read more

Dream about Husband Abandonment

Dream about Husband Abandonment Husband is a fantasy. This dream foreshadows sensual or artistic accomplishments. Abandonment is associated with closure, strength, and significant gains. Things may seem dreary or dark right now, but they will improve. Some of your emotional issues will be resolved. Perhaps you’re having doubts about the person you’re becoming. Husband Abandonment … Read more

Dream about Mother Abandonment

Dream about Mother Abandonment Mother Abandonment in a dream shows your leadership, boldness, passion, and enthusiasm. You may be recognizing and embracing both your feminine and masculine sides. You’re throwing yourself down and handing control over to others. This dream represents a foreshadowing of your practical reasoning. You must make a difficult choice. Mother Abandonment … Read more

Dream about Child Abandonment

Dream about Child Abandonment A dream concerning child abandonment foreshadows the fulfillment and accomplishment of your objectives. You’re having difficulty expressing yourself and believe you’re being put to the test. You must learn to ask questions about everything. Sensuality is the theme of this dream. Your dream might be advising you to be more vigilant … Read more